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easter eggers

This summer we will have free-range eggs from our new “Ladies” who reside here at Quiet Walker Lodge. This will be an added bonus to our already fantastic breakfasts at the lodge. Owner, Linda Rodrigues, retired from teaching this year and for her retirement gift to herself started raising chickens.
The set up process can be a little overwhelming, but the end result is worth it! In deciding what breed to raise at the site, Linda wanted cold-hardy, excellent egg production and docile breeds. She chose the Black Australorp and the Easter eggers.
The Black Australorp came originally from Australia and were bred for their egg production. They have shiny black feathering and make an excellent winter laying hen. The “Easter Egg Chickens”, shown above, have a variety of feather colors with a huge beard under their beak. They produce colorful egg shells from pale blue to green and pink.
For eight weeks they will be held in a brooder until they have their feathers and are able to handle the chicken coop outside. In about 16 weeks, beginning of July, we should have our hens laying eggs for the lodge breakfasts! The area around the coop has had to be reinforced to keep predators out. It was an out of the box idea to weave twine 7 feet above the free range area to keep chicken hawks and eagles from diving down to pluck away one of my chickens. The hawks and eagles will not dive into a web of twine for fear of getting caught. Hopefully this will prevent them from getting my chickens. At night the girls will be housed in the secure coop.