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The staff at Mercy Hospital In Dubuque, Iowa

My Experience at with the Staff at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque

I am going to be blogging today about a very special group of people at Mercy Hospital. This week, I had some life threatening complications to a drug mix given to me by my doctors. A breathing tube was inserted and I was incubated. I never have given any business a 10 star rating and this will be my first time.

These caring, servants did not just look at their work as a job. They cared about me! From Janis, the day nurse who helped me wash my hair and then braided it for me….o Ben my night nurse who made me laugh….all 22 years of him! ….to the lady who quietly clean my bathroom and room with care as to not disturb me….to shy Robert when Chris was unable to get my vein and he quietly reached over and offered the comfort of his hand. From the OR, to the ICU to Candy and Rachel on the regular floor. When I walked out of there, they all gave me a high five and I felt truly cared about.

So here is to the dedicated staff of Mercy Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa. You are AWESOME!!!

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